Nothing Says

Nothing Says "Welcome Home" Like a Custom Wood Sign

Let's talk about your sign design ideas

When you'd like to add a bit of personality to your yard, walls or office space, consider ordering a custom sign from Maxwell Family Sawmill. You might have seen our custom work at local trade shows or even your friends' homes. From "welcome home" to your favorite cheeky phrase, we can add whatever message you'd like to a beautiful wood plank.

Just tell us about your design preferences, including...

  • Whether you want finished, live or special order bark edges
  • What kind of message or imagery you'd like on your sign
  • If you want the message burned, carved or painted onto the wood

Call 315-891-3192 today to place your order.

Get inspired by these 5 sign ideas

The sky's the limit when it comes to creating a custom sign...

  • For your house- pick a phrase that speaks to your interests, from your beloved pets to your favorite sport.
  • For your backyard- make a custom sign welcoming guests to your garden, workshop or outdoor living space.
  • For your vacation home- you'll know it's vacation time when you see your custom "welcome" sign.
  • For your cafĂ© or restaurant- customers will get a kick out of your witty custom sign.
  • For your office space- write your own messages on a wooden chalkboard sign.

Maxwell Family Sawmill can create whatever sign you've got in mind.