Ordering Lumber Just Got Easier

Ordering Lumber Just Got Easier

Ask the Maxwell Family Sawmill crew for help

What are your lumber needs in board feet? Do you want planks with burls, chatter marks or coarse grain? Do you prefer finished or rough-sawn lumber? If you're like many Newport-area residents, you're scratching your head trying to order lumber for your project. At Maxwell Family Sawmill, you can get complimentary assistance from the pros.

Call 315-891-3192 now to speak with a member of our team.

Know how much lumber you'll need

Don't want to deal with leftover lumber? Maxwell Family Sawmill offers custom ordering. We can measure your space so you'll know...

  • What size and type of wood you'll need
  • How much lumber to custom order
  • How much your order will cost

For over 30 years, we've been going above and beyond to serve our customers. Contact Maxwell Family Sawmill today to order lumber for your project.

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